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      company profile

      Sasanian Trading Co., Limited, strategically located in Xiamen, China, stands at the forefront of innovative manufacturing and sourcing, specializing in high-grade silicone and plastics. Our facility, Evermore New Material Technology Co., Ltd, spans 3500 square feet in Zhang Zhou and is equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery. This infrastructure is supported by a team with over two decades of specialized experience, driving excellence and pioneering advancements in both the silicone and plastics sectors.
      Our journey, marked by rapid growth and diversification, has led us to expand our expertise into the demanding electronics industry, addressing the evolving needs of our global clientele. At Sasanian Trading, we don't just adapt to industry standards; we aim to redefine them. Our factory is not only a BSCI and ISO:9001 certified establishment but also a hub of innovation and quality. Our workforce, comprising seasoned experts, embraces rigorous quality protocols, ensuring that every product that leaves our factory embodies perfection and reliability.
      We take pride in our collaborative approach, working closely with esteemed American and European brands and innovative start-ups. This synergy has allowed us to refine our craft continually and deliver products that resonate with quality, durability, and sustainability. Our commitment extends beyond manufacturing; it's about forging lasting relationships built on trust, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to advancing technology.
      At Sasanian Trading Co., Ltd, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, setting new industry standards, and leaving a lasting impression on the global market. Our mission is clear: to deliver unparalleled products and services that not only meet but exceed the dynamic and diverse needs of our customers worldwide.
    • our service

      our service

      Our mission is to provide the best customer service and flexible solutions for our clients. Our staff is dedicated to that mission and our chief goal is to put the needs of our customers first. 
      Currently, our main services including:
      The Customization of Silicone & Plastic Products
      One-stop Sourcing Service
      One-stop Solution for Electronic Products

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